Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Beers Oh My!

Homeschooling gives me endless hours with my children. I really love being able to spend time with them. Homeschooling is also a very emotional adventure. There are times of frustration, joy, anger, and times when we just break out laughing. We try to keep it up beat and most of the time we do a great job at it. We seldom have those other times of frustration and anger but they do happen and they are usually very memorable. The most fun we have is when we make mistakes we try to laugh them off and try to correct while we are still laughing. I want my kids to know it is part of life to make mistakes, however it is what we do with those mistakes that count.
That being said, please enjoy the following sentences written by Miss Elyssa Christensen.

1. Have you sen the beers yet?
2. Come ofr her to see the beers.
3. Evry day tha feed the beers.

1. Have you seen the bears yet?
2.Come over here to see the bears.
3. Every day they feed the bears.

I asked her what she knew about beers and she looked at me all confused. She said they tasted nasty and that grandpa has beers. So I ventured a new question, why would you feed beers? another look of confusion then I told her that she wrote 3 sentences about beers. She looked at her paper and we both cracked up laughing. She has a really great sense of humor. I only teased her for a few more minutes. I told her it is ok to write about bears but not beers in 3rd grade.