Saturday, October 18, 2008

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party Photos

We had a really wonderful turn out at our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!!!!
It was a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) I think we had 17 adults and 10 kids....WOW!
It was a tight squeeze and a little chaotic and tons of fun. My kids said it was one of the best days of the year so far, I guess they are keeping track. We had pumpkins galore and sadly I did not get a chance to carve mine.... Yet. People were carving into their own giant orange pumpkins in the livingroom, kitchen, and out side on the deck. We had Embalming Juice (apple juice with sprite complete with floating eyeballs and bones) hot dogs and chili dogs, chips, spider cake, and tons and tons of candy.... Ashton said he felt a little tingly at midnight, he was either getting ready to turn into a pumpkin or he had to much candy! I don't know if I will ever get all of the embalming juice off of my kitchen floor or the stuck on pumpkin slime. Luckily my livingroom faired remarkably well.
Here are the photos, there are a lot of them but I hope you all enjoy. Maybe you will spot someone you know.
This first photo is of miss Erin in her new black wig!!!


janeal said...

It looks like you had a great time and everyone had fun. I'm really impressed with some of those pumpkins! :)

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

I'm so bummed we missed it. Looks like everyone had fun. Please invite us again next year. We would love to be a part of it.

Hey Rachie Kae said...

Hey girl! I wanted to tell you I commented on your comment on my blog. lol Clear as mud???
Look at your comment on Halloween and mine is under it.