Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rumpus Room green, yellow and brown.....

A few weeks ago, I told Justin I was going to paint the living room and kitchen.

In return he looked at me and asked "what color?"

I said "I have no clue, but I know it has to have color."

He was very concerned and asked if he had a say in the matter? I told him as long as he did not pick white we could compromise. He told me he was sure I was going to make it look like a "Rumpus Room".

So when he left hunting I pulled out the paint that I had purchased the day before.

Rumpus room green (BASIL), Rumpus room brown (AMERICAN BRONZE) and Rumpus room yellow (OVATION). He has not seen them yet!!! I had my good friend Erin help me pick out the rumpus room colors and I think we did a great job. I have been painting for the last 2 days and I am finally finished, with the exception of a few touch ups here and there. Take a look at the progress.

I have included a larger image of this photo at the end my mom bought the plates for me a couple of weeks ago.

I am going for a Farmer's Market theme and I wanted to pick colors that were evocative of natural foods, fresh herbs, Artisan breads, chocolate, coffee, Honey.......

I took some darker walnut color paint to this red door it just looked like fruit punch after I painted the rest of the kitchen. It now has a dark tone and looks older, more used. I love this window I call it the "funky little window" I am going to find an ornate old frame to put around it. I realize that these colors may look a little shocking. But in person they look alot better.
I will get around to cleaning as soon as I am rested from my adventure in painting.

These are the really cool plates my mom got for me. I saw them and just fell in love.

I am also framing several Farmer's Market posters and flyers from around the nation to use as decor. I really hope Justin likes it and doesn't think it looks like a rumpus room (what ever that is).

UPDATE: I also painted my front door Check it out.......


Jenn Heatwole said...

Oh, look at your beautiful home. I can't wait to see it in person some day.

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

I love your Farmer's Market theme. It looks like everything is going to be so cute. I can't wait to see it on Thursday.

On a side note, did you figure out how to get automatic emails when someone leaves you a comment? If not, you have to. It is so much easier. I'll show you on Thursday if you haven't figured it out by then.