Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good bye Skye Puppy

Our dog died this morning at about 3:30 am I know this because I heard her barking and then she gave out a little yipe and a whine and I heard her collapse in her kennel. Being the middle of the night and I was half asleep I didn't get up to investigate, much less make much sense of it. But this morning Justin told me she had died. 
Today we are going to remember her as the happy little social butterfly that she was. 
 Instead of wasting little bits of meat that are left over after dinner, I cut it up and feed it to the dogs from a fork. Surprisingly they know exactly how to eat off of one. 

 She was not very active but every once in a while she would find a stray sock and attack it. 

 She loved to go for a ride for all of 30 seconds and then she wanted to be done. 

 At the lake sitting on a wave runner.

   Camping. She was a happy camper and loved to visit other campers. 

 She always followed me everywhere I went. 

 Apparently she wanted to go to Hawaii? 

 Happy girl!

For the last year or so this has been her favorite spot. Under the sofa. She slept a lot this last year, she had cataracts, her teeth were falling out and she was getting skinnier all the time, but you couldn't tell because she had so much hair. 

I think all dogs go to heaven, see you there one day skypup! 

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Mumsey said...

Oh Stacey, My heart goes out to you. Our King Charles Spaniel is in her latter years and sounds just the same as you dog. We are sort of waiting for the day this happens to us.
Don't be afraid to grieve for her as she was a part of your family and there will be a gap now.
Hugs to you all