Friday, September 7, 2012

August Photos of the Month

In August we were able to take 2 camp trips back to back. 
It was crazy but we had a very good time. 
Lots of work involved in getting ready for a trip to the lake.
 I am sure you all have been there.
Unfortunately I did not take my camera on the last trip
so I have no photos to share of the trip to Pineview. 
Oh well, maybe next year.
But for now I will share my favorites. 

 This is my lil' buddy, Garrett. 
I love everything about this picture: the colors, the subject, the background, the bandaid.

 What is camping without a campfire? 

 Justin, leading morning worship at the lake.

 Justin and Scott baptizing our dear friends: 
Taylor (top), Carl (middle), Regina (bottom).

 Justin had never been involved in baptizing anyone.
 It was a very special time for him and he felt very honored to have been asked. 

Church on the beach we had a fairly good turn out!

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