Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our First Toy Drop

Yesterday we completed our first ever toy drop. We joined The Toy Society, and made a drop.
My girl is very interested in sewing these days and it seems there is an abundance of little stuffed toys floating around here. What to do with all of them? Hmmmm, a toy drop was just the answer I was looking for.
It works like this, All toys must be handmade, include a toy society letter and a tag, and must be dropped in a place where a child can find it.  Then you take photos of the drop and post them to the flicker group. The photos are then assigned a drop number and will be posted to the DROPPED section of the Toy Society Blog. The recipient can do the same thing and they will be posted to the FOUND section of the blog.
 Here is a description of the Toy Society from their Blog.  visit the toy society
"The Toy Society spreads love throughout the streets of the world. Nothing to it really just a bunch of handmade toys looking for a nice home.

What started as a small street art project in Australia is slowly spreading around the world.

Should you come across a member of The Toy Society on your travels collect them up and take them home with you! But don't forget to let us know about it here."

This whole Project gives me something to do with all of those hand made things my daughter is creating, and gives her an outlet for all of that creativity.

Our First DROP!
This is Sophia, she has been sitting in a little bin in our craft room for about a year.  Such a lonely girl! I really hope she found a sweet little girl to play with. 

  We left her at  the library in the JF picture books section on a shelf where she would hopefully be found quickly. We included a letter from The Toy Society and the envelope said " OPEN ME". 
Currently we have a few little jelly fish, and 3 birds ready to be put into their little bags and be dropped. Elyssa is making a mouse as we speak! 

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Charlotte said...

I'd never even heard of this. What a fantastic idea! Elyssa did a great job. I hope she is very happy in her new home, wherever it may be.