Monday, February 20, 2012

Conversation on the Ethical Treatment of Chickens

Elyssa and I had a little discussion on just what exactly, I was allowed to feed the chickens. It went something like this:

"Elyssa, when you take out the food for the chickens, make sure you take out this gravy and bread."

 "But mom," she said  "It has cream of chicken soup in it."

"So what! Just take it out." I told her.

"But mom, they are not cannibals!!!!"  she informed me rather passionately.  I countered with "Yes they are, they eat their own eggs, they don't care!"

"But mom, EGGS are not  chicken!"  I started getting agitated  "Yes, they are!"  ah this was not going in the right direction.   "But mom, there is no rooster, so it is not chicken yet..."
(Oh, I clearly thought that she was still my baby girl but, I was sadly mistaken. She quite assuredly knew more about reproduction than I thought.)
Once again I countered, "I am going to ask a question. I am a human woman and I have eggs inside me. Does that not make my eggs human tissue? Even when there is no rooster around? aka daddy."  she answered with a timid "yes"  "Alright." I said, "a chicken egg comes from chicken tissue, therefore it is chicken!"

Booyah!!! I win!
 Ok, I did not say that last part but I thought it...
Needless to say she had nothing more to add to her argument. And I will feed them all the table scraps I want, chicken included! Because from table scraps, come big, beautiful eggs for my breakfast plate.

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