Monday, December 6, 2010

November photos of the month post

Well it is the second week in December and I am finally going to post my November photos. I think I am getting back on track with things. 

We have been graced with spectacular sunsets, right out our living room window. I love to take photos of the sky, whether it be raining or blue with puffy clouds or rich with striking colors. 

Elyssa is my sculptor. She can sit for hours sculpting with her clay. She made this one afternoon. Sometimes I will let her sculpt while I am reading her literature, portion of her school work, to her. A while back she did a face that looked like Van Gogh. Now she comes up with this cute little parade of penguins. I don't have room in the house to store all of her sculptures so I encourage a catch-and-release type of practice. Sculpt and release!  We are not using a clay that dries either so they are not a permanent type of art. 

The next day this guy showed up. 

I decided to try out a mini photo shoot in the front yard. I hoped that with the leaves and the colors it would turn out great. Although they did not turn out exactly like I wanted them to. I am happy with the results. 

That is all for this month's photos. 

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