Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cookies at Midnight Slumber Party

"Cookies At Midnight" or beyond......
Last night I helped to co-host a ladies slumber party. We called it "Cookies at Midnight" and we invited all of our little children to join us.
We decided to have dinner first at 7pm and moved fairly rapidly into some other activities.
Dinner was mexican! We had a turn out of about 25 women and 18 kids, it was a full house as far as sleep overs go...

After dinner the kids played a little volleyball and then went off in search of the other activities that we had planned for them. mean while the women had a little down time before Debi introduced us to some rather viscious games. Here we are playing ball, and although we are sitting it is the most physically demanding game of ball I have ever played. 1st we sat in 2 rows facing each other. Knee to knee and we were in teams, the persons facing me to my right and left were on my team and it went that way down the entire length of the rows. The goal was to get the ball to the designated garbage can on either end, by fighting each other for the ball trying to pass it to our team mates. All of that with out leaving your seat. I can attest that there was atleast 1 woman who was crowd surfing at 1 point and several women were rewarded with instant bruising! I am so glad I was in the middle of the row and not on the end.....
we decided that the kids would have cookies and milk at 10:30 so that they could watch a movie and fall asleep, so the women were getting the beds ready while the kids made some cookies. This particular mattress was just not cooperating so Christa decided to do it the "Old Fashioned" way. (not really)
The cookies the kids made ended up more like a pizza..... check this out! It is a triple cookie, mint chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal butterscotch, and m&m cookie.
we will be serving the giant cookie in the coffee house this sunday.
After cookies and milk the kiddos settle in for a movie. We thought that this would be a good way for the kids to head off to sleep but were we ever wrong! First they watched "Horton Hears A Who" and then they watched "Nim's Island" And when we looked at our watches thinking we could go put on our movie the kids were coming in asking for a 3rd movie, mind you it was almost 3am!!! and every single child was still wide awake and was coming in for more cookies. We had to ban some of them from the cookie table. about that time alot of the women had either went to bed or headed home.
But of course you have those die hard women who can stay up till dawn, as long as we are having fun. There were a few of us who pulled out a new game at 3 and played till 4 am before heading off to bed. Some of the women I am informed didn't hit the sack until after 5 am. They were also some of the first ones up. We had a really great layed back breakfast of muffins and fruit and of course more cookies and coffee and cocoa. It was a most wonderful slumber party!!!!! And WE HAD MORE FUN THAN THE MEN!!!!

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