Monday, June 4, 2012

May Photos of the Month

Wowza! May has already come and gone. I just can't believe it. I know that I need to make sure that I savor every second of this summer. It will be gone in a flash. That being said, let's look at some of my favorite May 2012 Photos.

 First up a gift from Dixie upon our return home from all of the Mother's day Festivities.

 Campfire Worship, music, friends, family, fun, and fire. It is really hard to get a good photo of fire. 
But I have to admit I like this one a lot. But I took it while it was still light outside. 

 My guy, I told him I was tired of all his photos looking like mug shots.
 So he laughed and I got him mid-smile. 

 This is in Moab, at Arches National Park.  
While I was still feeling adventurous and mostly alive. 

 Elephant Butte in Arches.
 I love that it was like a Ginormous Elephant was watching us while we were hiking.

 Along the Colorado River in Moab, Utah

 I wish I was still feeling good when I took this photo. It was at the trail head to Corona Arch. But as it was I was just trying to get back to my vehicle by myself and not have to be carried out. 1.5 mile hike all up hill was too much for me on this last day. 

 Not a very flattering picture of me coming down the Corona Arch trail, however it is a reminder that I did make it most of the way there, and back down by myself for the most part. And my friend Carl, there to catch me if I needed help. 

 These four pics are at Corona Arch. Three very brave ladies were coming down the middle of the arch with ropes and harnesses. It was cool to see them hanging in mid air. I only have photo evidence that this really happened because I was holed up in a cave trying to not die! Feeling clammy and shaky and doing my best not to pass out. I am in the 4th pic in the very center.

This is Corona Arch, you may have seen it from the viral Youtube video I am posting below. At the time we decided to hike to Corona Arch, I had no idea this was the arch in the video. But the minute we saw it I knew it was the one. Check out the video it is incredible. 


 This is my boy, he will be 15 in just a few months. More than ever I am realizing that things are changing, he is growing up, and I only have 3 years 4 months and 8 days, before I have to let him go.  Let's just say I am having a hard time thinking about that. You don't expect your little ones to grow up so fast and before you know it. They have.  He is growing up into the most wonderful young man. I enjoy his company immensely and love his personality. He is taller than I am, his arms are a lot longer than mine are, he has beautiful long fingers and hands. He is becoming quite the little drummer boy too. And he leans toward being a thrill seeker. 

 This is a picture taken by my brother in law. It is at the Pack Creek Campground in Moab, Utah. The 2 kids in the front from left to right are Mercy and Sierra. Behind them are Braden and Elyssa.  The reason I mention this photo is to point out a new blog I am following.  Mercy and her family are on an adventure of a lifetime. They are living on the road visiting the entire United States. They have a blog you can read and follow their adventures too if you like. Their story is one that makes you think about the most important things in life. Mercy's mom Tanya, is a cancer survivor and so is River, Mercy's brother.

This last picture is poor quality and unedited. But I share it because it is one of those moments that kinda takes your breath away for a split second. Well it did Justin's anyway. We were sitting in the front yard having dinner, and waiting for the clouds to clear up so that we could view the eclipse. The kids were on their bikes and when Justin looked up, Elyssa was standing on her bike. His breath caught and he whispered under his breath, "Elyssa Be Careful!" 
Yep she is growing up too! 
I know this was a long post but thanks for sticking it out with me. 


Fisher Family said...

love all your monthly pictures!

val said...

oh WOW! That was YOU hanging upside down? I would never have been able to do that!

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Wow! Great photos! Thanks for sharing.