Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Zentangle Inspired Art and an Eclipse

We are really starting to get the hang of this Zentangle Art. 
The best thing about it is I literally only need 15 minutes with my pen and paper and I am feeling relaxed.
I am trying to learn not to force anything on the paper, and learn to feel what is needed next. The creative process eludes me when it comes to pen and ink. This is the first piece I have done that I let the process just happen. I hope it gets easier! Now if I could just remember how to do more patterns. 

This is a Zendala that Elyssa tangled.  
She is the artist in our house (takes after her dad), however she is intimidated a little by Zentangle. I am amazed every day by the artwork that comes pouring out of her. So I am a bit baffled by the fact that this is intimidating to her. I gave her a zendala  template to work with, and told her, "Anything is possible one stroke at a time." After that she went to work and finished this in 2 days. She is currently working on her second one. 

  We were fortunate that the clouds cleared out just in time for us to be able to enjoy the Eclipse that was visible on Sunday. It was amazing. I prepared a cold dinner and we set up a table in the front yard. We enjoyed eating dinner al fresco.  

The shadows from the leaves on the trees were very strange and we had fun playing with our shadows, while we took turns  looking through a welders mask and wearing sunglasses.
 We were able to use a welding mask to get this photo. So although it looks like a crescent moon it really is the sun with the moon in front of it.  

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