Friday, November 4, 2011

let's be honest here....

Lately I have been trying to be more conscious of  not being so judgmental. It is something that
I struggle with.  I have tried to ask myself, How can you help instead of judging, and if you can't then just don't think about it at all, Or pray for this situation or individual.  Sometimes it is so difficult to do that. 

Well  for the last 3 days, I have been judging the gentleman in the photo below. I don't know how he can just sit there in his hoodie all day. Every time I look out side, he is sitting there just doing nothing. Probably smoking, wasting his time and money instead of supporting his baby.  
Ugh!!! It has me frustrated!!! 

Today I walked outside and just watched for a minute. And what I saw was ugly. He was not there anymore, or rather he was. But he wasn't what he seemed.  

Yep, just take a closer look and you will see it too.

I realized that the "Man" I had been judging so harshly the last 3 days was in fact not even a man but a seat out of a car.  The Ugly part comes when I realize how "quick to judge",  I can be sometimes. I wasted precious energy and resources on my judgmental attitude of this neighbor.  How do I feel about the whole situation? Ridiculous! to be sure.  Confused... I could have prayed for this individual but in the end I would have been praying for an empty chair.  I need to pray for my own eyes, to see things the way Christ would.

P.S. I am also making an appointment with the optometrist  ASAP!

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