Sunday, February 6, 2011

St. George, Utah

 Here I sit in a new place. I won't call it home...Yet. But it is a temporary dwelling place. A shelter. And yes it is lovely. There are palm trees just outside my front window. The view from the balcony is nice too.  But Home as in my House... Not quite. However if I think about it, Home is where the heart is! And my heart is sleeping in the other room trying to rest up before his first day on a new job.  So I suppose in some way  I am home.   Here is a picture of where we are staying. Las Palmas Resort at Green Valley.

Well Peeps I am exhausted!!! I was up at 6 am to finish packing, loaded the car and truck, cleaned out the fridge, went to church, drove 5 hours to St. George, unpacked everything, watched part of a movie on tv, caught up on my facebook and emails, and posted this on my blog. So I am off to dream land. I will keep you all updated soon!


Kerry said...

Hi there Stacey
Sorry to have taken so long to introduce myself ......we had a crazy weather week here in Texas last week. The kids were off school for 4 days and there was ice everywhere ..... we don't know what to do here in the South when things like that happen:-)
I'm excited to be your partner for the chicken swap .... it's going to be fun!!!
Good luck in your new home - hope your family settles down quickly.

Jenn Heatwole said...

St. George?!? Is this a permanent move or just temporary? I'm confused, Salt Lake City isn't the same without Stacey.

Mumsey said...

Must admit I feel like I have missed soemthing.
Hope all works out for the best and you feel at peace where ever you end up.