Thursday, February 17, 2011

St. George picture update part 3

Happy kids! My favorite kind.

A nice sunset. I did a drive by shooting to get this one.

 We found an awesome park, less than a 2 minute drive from our place.
It is Cottonwood Cove park, and it has awesome play equipment.
Like this torpedo spinner.
 And this funky swing.
The entrance to the park is a stone tunnel with a rope bridge.

It also has some traditional play equipment with a twist. 

And the best part is the REAL rock climbing wall.

More interesting climbing structures.

 The background of this picture has one more structure that was a lot of fun.

 After the park we drove another 2 minutes away to the Tonaquint Park and nature center.
 Where we went bird watching and Elyssa picked up a few  feathers. 
There were some Gorgeous ducks and other water birds that would not cooperate with me. 
I hope to go back and get a few pictures of them. 
I also saw a finch or sparrow with a bright red stripe on the top of it's head. 

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