Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Photos Of The Month

I love doing my photo of the month post. It gives me a chance to review all the photos we have taken in the previous month. It gives me a chance to reflect on our lives and all of our many blessings!
 So I say, "On with the Parade of Pictures." 

My beautiful spunky little missy. With her permanent pink hair.

At the zoo on June 5th.

My first time "capturing" the lightning.

June 12, Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah.
Same place as above. He really is like a cave man you know.

The Rotary Park, Moab, Utah 

Her first strawberries from the her strawberry patch and her short hair. 

Elyssa's second meal ever! Spaghetti with garlic bread and a salad. (greens from our garden)
It was a delicious dish and I am not just saying that.  Look at the fresh boxwood basil on top...

My favorite man in the whole really big world! And this IS exactly what  a cool dad looks like!!!

Chalk Art Festival. Gorgeous. Look for the post on this later in the week. Lots of photos to come. 

Sharing a bit of cotton candy with her COOL daddy!

Ashton took this photo of the sun. I was so worried he was going to burn his eyeballs out, but he told me he was not looking at the sun. So that made it ok, I guess.

We got to puppy sit grandpa's puppy, Chico. Oh the love! Such a fun puppy to have around. I miss him. But our Skye Puppy, does not miss Chico, at all. As a matter of fact as soon as grandpa picked up Chico, and took him home, Skye was doing figure 8's in the living room. Running around like she had lost her ever lovin' mind. She was so happy!

And me doing my most favorite thing. Reading!!!! I read before bed, every night. I don't get much of a chance to read for pleasure during the day so I take advantage of it at night. I read to the kids during the evening or late afternoon nearly every day. They beg me to read to them and they sit enthralled. Sometimes we get 2 or three reading sessions in.  We are currently reading the Sisters' Grimm series. Fun stuff there! I love it too. We are on book 8 of 10. 
Two years ago I read the whole Twilight series to them, of course I had to edit some of it. I would love to read the Fable Haven series to them, but Ashton has already started the first book. I have read Chronicles of Narnia also. And many more. We usually read instead of watching TV in the evening. This is one of my most favorite ways to spend time with my kids!!! 
Now I need to start thinking along the lines of what is next?
 Leave me a comment if you have a great book recommendation for me or my kids. 


Little Messy Missy said...

May I suggest Scott Westerfeild books Uglies,Pretties and Specials. Also a great read is Huger Games and Cathing Fire by Suzanne Collins. Safe for kids and as an adult I tore through them in 2-3 days...fabulous books! ( I love you daughters pink short hair!)

Melissa said...

Fabulous pics, Stacey! Looks like you guys have been having alot of fun this summer. I'm reading the Little House on the Prairie series to my kids right now, but yours may be a little old for it. We're loving it though. And I love your daughter's style. The short pink hair is funky and cute. God's Peace, Melissa