Monday, April 8, 2013

March Photos of the Month

Here we go! Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching.
 We just had a really great Spring Break. It was fairly relaxed and we did get to rest and catch a few movies this last week. However it also put me behind in my photos of the month posting. 

Elyssa is becoming so skilled in her drawing abilities.
 She can sketch something in a very short amount of time. It really amazes me to see some of the things she comes up with. I never know what to expect and it is always a delightful surprise.
She did this profile of her dad while listening to Ken Ham and Dr. Tommy Mitchell 
speak at the Home School Convention. 

 She drew and water colored this little under the sea gem and I turned it into her Birthday card.

 I did a little bit of tangling this month as a wedding gift for my dear friend in Colorado. It is 11x14 in ink. 
It was definitely a bit of  a  challenge and I sure was intimidated at first. But I had a great time creating it. 

One more from Elyssa. 
This is her creation for Passover and Resurrection Sunday.
 I really really love this one.  

These are our Resurrection Sunday Family photos. 

This last one I edited to use for Christianna's Graduation Photo. 
I have just started dabbling with my Photo Shop Elements and I sure do not know what I am doing yet.
 I plan to take a class this summer and hopefully figure it all out. 
In the meantime I will just dabble and see what I can do. 

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