Wednesday, July 13, 2011

enough to keep away the vampires...

I harvested about one-third of the garlic in the garden. 

 About 10 heads worth. They smell incredible! 
I want to make marinara and bruschetta.
 Pasta with a garlic butter sauce with a little white wine.
 Ohhhh, and stir in some chicken. 
I want garlic bread. 

The leaves alone are so aromatic,
 I had to take them out of the house and hang them to dry outside.
This is our first time growing garlic and I think it has been a success.
In 3 weeks I will go out again and harvest the rest of the garlic.  
I think this is the easiest crop I have ever planted. 
The bugs stay so far away from this plant! 
I may need to plant garlic around all of the edibles.
 But how to plan for that? 
Something I must ponder....

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