Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the Strawberry Patch

Elyssa has been harvesting her strawberries. 
This is the 3rd year she has tended the strawberry patch. Grandpa gave her 16 small plants, and now they are huge and spreading out. She picks her berries morning and evening and washes them, takes the tops off and puts them in a freezer bag, and then freezes them until she has enough to make strawberry freezer jam. This will be the first year she will have enough. 

 A few days ago she picked 56 berries in one day. 
 And they smelled SO... SO... SO... Yummy! 

They were sweet and juicy, and perfectly ripe. 

Last night we did make freezer jam. 
With very little supervision from me, she did an awesome job.
 Sadly I don't have a photo.  I will try to get one very soon. 

Last year she made her very first batch by herself,
 it was Apricot Freezer Jam. 

I love that you can make freezer jam with 3 ingredients,
 and very little sugar compared with traditional jam making.
More fruit, less sugar is a good thing! 


Charlotte said...

That's awesome! I planted strawberries a couple of years ago but have not been very diligent about harvesting. I'm sure the birds have been enjoying my laziness. My last batch of strawberry jam went bad, so I really need to make more.

Denise said...

Those berries look yummy! When my son was little we grew them too. Except they never made it into the house! We washed them off and ate them right out of the garden! yummy! Enjoy your jam!

val said...

wonderful....but I wouldn't have been able to resist and would have eaten them all!