Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The girls have arrived!

My Hens are here.  
Meet Hen #1, because we don't have a name for her yet.
 We are waiting on J to name her, so until then she is #1. 

This little one is Sprout. 
She is 2 months old, this is Elyssa's chicken. 
She has a twin that Ash, named bob....

This is the west side of my coop and the egg door. 
The roof is copper colored metal over plywood.
 I have a big copper star I may put out here and change up the look of this side. 
Not sure I am completely happy with it.
 I want an Americana look. 
I may incorporate more onto the door as well. 

Here is my chicken, Americus. 

This is a picture of the south side of the coop and the run.


I have been watching several different ads lately,
 waiting for the right kind of chickens at the right price. 
Yesterday my BIL messaged me to tell me one of his students,
 was trying to get rid of his chickens.
 And did I want them? 
 Of course, I jumped on it, 
he just wanted to give them away. 
 So I ended up with 2, eight week old chickens. 
Then as I was watching the ads yesterday,
 a guy was trying to get rid of 2 hens free. 
I called on it but I was too late someone else had claimed them.
 However late last night he called me to ask if I wanted them,
 because the other person never showed up to claim them. 
I jumped on it and picked them up early this morning. 
Tonight I went to close up the coop and all 4 hens were on their roosts. 
I was completely amazed.
But I was flabbergasted when I checked the nesting boxes and there was an egg. 
Our very first egg! 
We had the chickens less than 8 hours and we had our first egg!


Mumsey said...

We have had chickens for years and I still find I smile when I collect the eggs!!!

val said...

love your coop!