Monday, March 21, 2011

Crochet CrAzY!!!

When we made our way to St. George, I knew I neeeded to have a portable easy craft/hobby to keep me busy. So I started making cotton dish cloths. I have made so many.  I am still messing around with the size shape and borders to see what I like the best.  

Twelve of them are pictured here. I sent 3 more to my apron swap partner, gave 2 away to my sister in law, and made 3 miniature ones for  baby wash cloths and gave them away as a gift this past weekend. I have made 2 more that are not pictured here. 

They are a fairly generous size.

My favorite is the orange one with the red and blue stripe, pictured in one of the photos above. When I completed it I thought of a certain Mrs. Charlotte B. Christensen. If she sends me her address I will send it to her!

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

It does look like it will perfectly match my kitchen. Adorable! It is nice to have a project to keep your hands busy. Thanks for thinking of me!