Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Photos of the Month

Well here are the March Photos. I took a lot more this month than last month so I had a really hard time choosing my faves. BUt here we go!

This first Photo is of my Dear friend Christa, I helped to host her baby shower. She is having twins and we had a really awesome turn out. I can't wait to hold those babies!
These are the cupcakes we made for the shower. I was a bit disappointed in the color of the icing. I made it a few days early and as it sat in the fridge it got darker and darker. I felt like I was serving up mardi gras cupcakes, instead of baby shower cup cakes.

This was one of the shower gifts made by another dear friend. They are animals made out of Diapers!
So this is like March 8th, the kids were so excited because it reached 56*F. They made a slip and slide and had tons of fun. (As of this post it is April 1st, and there is about 3 inches of snow on the ground!)

Elyssa thinks it is funny to get extreme close ups!

Some of the cake plates I used for Elyssa's birthday party.

These are some of my most favorites!!!!! My husband makes breakfast for us every Friday and Saturday morning. I taught him how to flip and egg or an omelet.  He is so proud of himself!

He did end up catching it as well! I am so impressed!

Justin's Uncle Larry Passed away and the memorial was on the 27th. Here is a pic of almost all of us. Kent my FIL is taking the photo. 

After the service we went to lunch with a whole lot of the family. After that we went to Justin's brother's house. With some of his cousins and we had a really great time with a family Jam session.  Below is a photo of (from left to right) Ray Hoobler, Ryan Hoobler, Justin, and his brother John.

Later the guys came up and almost every one joined in whether with an instrument or a voice. 
Justin is taking a turn on the Djembe, while his cousin Cindy is on bass, Ray was on guitar and Roy was on piano.

Cheva had some percussion instrument as well.  and from this photo you can't see the people on the stairs or right in front of them. It was a crowded room and one of the most enjoyable nights I have ever had.

This is a pic of the fretless bass I made my husband buy. He wanted it anyway! When I saw it had a dragonfly on it I told him he had to have it. He has had it for quite a  while now but this is the first pic I have ever taken of it. 

I hope you enjoy the march pics!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Nice egg flipping skills...

Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

I enjoyed your photos. Nobody has changed! I was excited to be shown on Sweet Charli's blog, too. Did you get through to show off Elyssa's b-day party? Love ya!