Monday, March 1, 2010

February Photos of the Month

These are February's photos! I did not take too many this month and I am kind of bummed about it. The ones I did manage to take are great. Maybe not technically great photographs but they represent great memories or experiences.

This first photo is of Ashton, he is very much into the stop motion videos. These videos are created when you take one photo at a time and each time you make a very minor adjustment to the subject in the photo. Then when you put them all together and play them fast it looks as though they are moving. Kind of like the old animation. He makes these all the time and he has such great patience! In this particular video he has the chopper blades spinning and from the right side of the screen some little ducks made out of legos surround the chopper. He has even uploaded some of his videos to youtube.

Here is Elyssa's domino version of the Eiffel Tower.

Last week while playing with the dog. The kids discovered that she is missing some teeth! You can see that her front bottom tooth is gone and there are a few others not visible in this shot. She is getting old, 10 years as of December.

This is the bright spot of my kitchen. I am forever trying to buy flowers from walmart on clearance to brighten up the place I spend most of my time. Lately looking out this window has been so dreary. The weather and inversion are gray all the time and I needed something "sunny". My husband does not bring me flowers EVER! So I buy my own. HE makes up for it in the fact that I have not had to put gas in my car in over 5 years! I don't know if I even know how? He makes up for it in other ways as well. His love language is service. He is always doing something for me!

The last photos are of our future garden. We decided that we were having major spring fever so we started some seeds. You will have to scroll to the bottom to see the first pic. this is the last pic. All of these seedling pics were taken during the the last week. We taped our camera to the counter top and decided to take a photo every couple of hours. Ashton will eventually take all of the photos and make a stop motion video. I have only included a few of the pics we took. I had to eventually stake the seedling to bamboo skewers. (not shown) the tall plants you will see are white patty pan squash. The plants in the foreground are green onions. In the very middle row we planted bell peppers, but they are not up yet. All of these photos were taken over a 4 day period. I have peas in the window, but there are no photos of them, because my camera was taped to the kitchen counter.

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