Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's been a while...

It has been awhile since I posted anything and I know you all are just dying to know what we have been up to, right?
We have been so busy these last few weeks just trying to squeeze the very last few drops we can out of summer. You see, here in Utah, June was so rainy, we did not get alot of play time. We are trying to hold onto summer as long as we can.
We have been camping at least 2x in August and been up to the lake atleast 6 times. Our first camping trip was the very first part of August. We went to Rockport State Park. We were below the dam and were there for Justin's annual family reunion. We had a great time and Justin's cousin Ron, took us out in his boat. THANKS RON! It was so much fun, and we had not been out on the water since I'd had Elyssa. That experience was so much fun that we went right out and bought some wave runners. From that point on we have been at the lake as often as possible. We discovered we really like Rockport because it is so close, only 45 minutes from our home. We then had another camp trip with alot of people from our church. That was a ton of fun and it just happened to be at Rockport.
We took our wave runners and had everybody out on the water. We had a blast! The best part of the wave runners is that it has forced us to have some down time! You have to sit on the beach and wait for a turn, this has caused me to really enjoy going to the lake, I am forced to sit and relax and do nothing for the majority of the day. The Kids absolutely love it!
Just this last weekend we took out the wave runners again and took another group of people from church. This time we really focused on a few close friends who had not been out with us and also some newer people at church that we were eager to get to know better. I am happy to report that every one had a great time. Even though the water was freezing! I am so thankful to the people who came out to the lake with us, it really made for an awesome trip. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera. But I do have photos from the last month or so. Posted below are some photos of what we have been up to. I will give a brief description for each.
Enjoy the pics!
This (dog) is half Timberwolf and half German Shepherd. One of Justin's cousins brought him and literally dropped him in the middle of the family gathering and tied him up right where everyone was gathered. He caused quite a fright for some of us mommies....
But as it turned out he was quite friendly, and loved the attention.Justin was really excited to go and meet him but I think he held back because between his mother and I, we were going to have a stroke.
This is one of my most favorite photos. I have a few of Grandma Bonnie but not with my daughter. On this occasion Elyssa walked up to her and gave her a hug and started the conversation. I was so proud of her for initiating a conversation and showing love. My kids have not been around grandma alot and her age is really catching up with her. She is disoriented alot and doesn't remember too much. But it really depends on the day. One morning Kasey (justin's sister) and I were brushing our teeth beneath this tree, when we looked up we found these mushrooms growing about 20 feetup the tree. We don't have any family portraits... sad right? So I am trying to rectify the situation by taking snapshots of us while we are out on adventures.As you know we home school and we never get school photos done. As we were leaving camp before we got on the freeway we stopped at this little gas station. They had the coolest old fence and I was so excited I made the kids sit for "school pics".
I am using this photo as a divider between subjects and cuz I think it is so cool. I went outside one day and low and behold there was a dragonfly sitting on the phone line above our deck. It stayed there just long enough for me to get a few shots and then it abandoned its siesta.Here are photos from Rockport once again but this time we are with our church family on a camp out. These are our new toys, the red one is called "The Dog" and the yellow one is called "El Chupacabra". (don't ask)Here the kids found a crawdad and they were freaking out on the beach. I don't think they knew what it was. They were even more freaked out that I would reach down and pick it up, but they were eager to get a really good look at it. Justin with his weed burner/campfire starter. Look close and you will see the flame.Some how I managed to get a photo with all 8 of the kids in it. Sunday morning worship after breakfast.Mitch is so sweet, he was really into the singing and he did a great job on the djembe.Sunday morning was cold and drizzly but the kids were still having a great time.

Thanks for dropping by!

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lilianril said...

Sounds like you guys have been having as much fun as we have! We're still trying to keep summer going too. At the lake or camping every weekend pretty much. The waverunners look like tons of fun!